• The big questions
    • Why book a band?
      Having a live band helps create a unique occasion rather than just another disco. The energy and vitality that a good band give out can really bring an electricity to the evening. It's so good when we build a rapport with our audience, we find that as the audience respond more and more, the band will give more and more in their performance. It is a wonderful experience and makes a great evening!
    • Why book a jazz band?
      It is amazing how one genre can be loved right across the generations. It never ceases to surprise me to see grandpa and granny dancing and having as much fun as the 20 and 30 somethings. It’s the music they grew up with, but it’s never been more popular today with the music of Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum and pop stars lining up to make their ‘big band’ album. We have all played in other function bands playing the usual funk, soul and disco covers but we all agree that what you get from the Jazzbomb is different. There is much more of a sense of occasion, the panache of Sinatra, the glitz of Vegas, it’s much more sassy and stylish.
    • Why book Jazzbomb?
      When you book Jazzbomb, you get to experience breathtaking musicians who have performed with Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, Kylie Minogue, Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney. They come together as Jazzbomb to put on a party you’ll never forget. Whether you are looking for the sophisticated cool of the Ratpack or a great night of dancefloor celebration Jazzbomb deliver, in style.
    • What kind of events does Jazzbomb perform at?
      Jazzbomb has helped create fantastic celebrations at the following kind of events: awards dinners, product launches, wedding receptions, wedding anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, university balls, charity balls, garden parties and many more.
    • What if my guests/clients don’t like jazz?
      When I say that Jazzbomb is made up of some of the top jazz players in the nation sometimes people fear that the music will be weird and inaccessible or just plain hard on the ears! In the right context we like to stretch ourselves with that kind of music but when we get together as the Jazzbomb there’s only one thing we want to do- we want to throw a party! Earlier in our performance we will play feel-good swing numbers but as the evening progresses we have a whole range of styles – latin, pop, rock’n’roll to draw everyone into a fantastic party. Take a look at our sample set list.
    • Can you play at our wedding ceremony/drinks reception/dinner
      as well as providing music for the evening?
      Yes, this is something we do regularly. Please email us with your requirements. You may prefer to have a smaller group earlier in the day (i.e. a duo or jazz trio) and have the rest of the band arrive in the evening.
    • Do you provide a DJ service as well?
      We will be providing a great PA system and lighting, why spend even more money on a DJ? We provide music between our sets as standard and for a small fee can provide a DJ service after the band has finished playing.
    • What are Jazzbomb's different line-ups?
      Each of our clients have their own unique requirements, which we listen to and then tailor our band and music to suit their needs. We perform in many combinations, here are some of our most common:

      8 - Trumpet/Vocals, Alto Sax, Trumpet, Tenor Sax, Trombone, Double Bass, Drums, Keyboard
      5 - Trumpet/Vocals, Alto Sax, Double Bass, Drums, Keyboard
      4 - Trumpet/Vocals, Double Bass, Drums, Keyboard
      3 - Trumpet/Vocals, Double Bass, Keyboard
      2 - Trumpet/Vocals, Keyboard
      2 - Keyboard/Vocals, Double Bass
      1 - Keyboard/Vocals

      If you require music for dancing, the minimum size we would recommend is a four piece band.
  • Costs
    • How much does Jazzbomb cost?
      Our prices range from £200 for a solo singer/pianist right through to £3000+ for the full Jazzbomb explosion.

      Email or call Sam Chaplin on +44 (0)7775 617176 for an instant quote or fill out our contact form with the date and location of your event and we will find the right size of ensemble and price to fit your needs.
    • When is payment due?
      A 25% deposit will book your date, and the balance is due 14 days before the day of the engagement.
    • What do the musicians need?
      Our musicians may have travelled long distances to reach you, so they’ll require a hot meal when they arrive at the venue and beverages available during the event. As they’ll be bringing electrical equipment, a power supply is also essential - although we have gone ‘unplugged’ with just double bass and sax or trumpet on the lawn before.
    • Do you have your own liability insurance?
      As members of the Musicians’ Union we have liability insurance of up to £10,000,000. We recommend that all clients purchase their own insurance for their event as well.
    • What do I need to do to book?
      Here’s the procedure:

      1 - You send us an enquiry.
      2 - We will send you a quote and a booking form.
      3 - You fill out a booking form and send us a 25% deposit by cheque or BACS payment.
      4 - We will draw up a contract from the booking form to be signed by both parties.
    • Has Jazzbomb ever had to pull out of an event?
      No. We have developed a squad of players for the band that we can call upon - each of them hand picked for their stellar CVs, each of them now highly experienced with Jazzbomb. This means we are well equipped to cover any eventuality that may arise and to deal with the level of bookings we receive.
  • Logistics
    • How much space do you need?
      5m x 4m is ideal for the 5 piece band however we are adept at fitting into unusual spaces! A stage isn’t necessary - although it’s a bonus if you do have one. We can also play outside, but will need to have shelter from both sun and rain as we will be using electricity and very valuable instruments.
    • How long do you take to set up?
      It usually takes us about 1 hour to set up the PA system, lighting and instruments. We will usually arrive an hour and half before a performance.
    • Where are you based?
      Most of the band live around the London area.
    • How far do you travel?
      We have performed far and wide! If your event is more than 2½ hours travel from London and finishing later than 11pm we may need accommodation and further travel expenses.
    • How long do you play for?
      We find 2 x 1 hour sets works best but can also play 3 x 40 minutes over a 2½ - 3 hour period. Please let us know if your requirements are different.
    • Will we need to provide amplification and lighting?
      We are able to bring all the PA equipment and lighting we need to sound and look great!
    • Do you play requests?
      Yes we do. We will make a special effort to play a request song for a ‘first dance’ (especially for weddings and anniversaries). For the rest of the evening we have a wide repertoire to choose from. Please note however that we are concerned not only with playing the songs people love to hear, but also with crafting a whole evening’s show of entertainment. Usually these two factors work together to create a fantastic party.
    • Do you play recorded music during your breaks?
      Yes, we can play both chilled background music or tunes for dancing between our sets as standard. For a small fee we can also provide a DJ service when the band has finished playing. We have a whole catalogue of great party tunes to choose from or you can even provide your own playlist.
    • Can we come and see you live?
      Jazzbomb was designed primarily to create fantastic parties, so nearly all of our gigs are weddings and private/corporate events, however every now and then we put on public performances to which you would be welcome. Please join our mailing list to hear about our forthcoming events or for a glimpse of us in action view us on youtube.
    • Will I know which musicians will be playing in the band?
      Jazzbomb is made up of a squad of the finest young jazz musicians in London. This means they have busy careers and commitments with pop acts, television and jazz clubs. Jazzbomb has developed a pool of musicians with stellar CVs so that we can take on our significant workload. We can let you know exactly who will be playing in Jazzbomb in the weeks preceding your event. Many people book Jazzbomb because they love the infectious passion in the way Sam Chaplin leads the band. We can guarantee Sam Chaplin’s availability at the time of booking, or let you know of one of our other fantastic singers who front the band.